The Challenges and Rewards of Parenting a Gifted Child

Every third week of July is National Parenting Gifted Children Week, an event created by the National Association for Gifted Children in cooperation with the nonprofit organization Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG). This week is about raising awareness of the special needs of gifted children and the importance of providing them with the tools they need to thrive.

Every child is different, so there is no single blueprint for success. However, by understanding your child’s unique needs, you can make sure that they reach their full potential!

What Qualifies as Being “Gifted”?

While the definition of “gifted” is not universally agreed on by psychologists, newer ideas of identification involve a broader idea of what giftedness is through analyzing a child’s intellectual qualities and academic achievements. Giftedness is often spoken about in glowing terms, but it’s also important to remember that giftedness falls on a spectrum, like autism.

It is widely accepted that giftedness manifests in different ways. Giftedness can be defined through three characteristics:

  1. Exhibiting extraordinary abilities
  2. Task commitment and strong motivation
  3. High levels of creativity

Other key characteristics in gifted children have also been identified, such as superior performance in multiple academic areas, exceptional character traits, and a need for special services to fully develop their potential.

There Is More to the Definition of “Gifted”

Highly gifted children often have a lot of potential, but they may need extra help to reach their full potential.

Though many people commonly assume that giftedness and brilliance go hand-in-hand, this is not always the case. A child can be intelligent without being gifted, and vice versa.

So, what is the difference between the two? Generally speaking, a gifted child has a unique set of traits in intellectual processing, personality attributes, and emotional development.

Meanwhile, high-achieving children are those who excel in academics, sports, or other areas of interest. Unlike gifted children, high-achievers do not necessarily have above-average intelligence or unique abilities. Instead, they are simply children who have taken advantage of their natural talents and worked hard to develop them.

While both types of children are exceptional in their way, it is essential to remember that not all intelligent children are gifted, and not all gifted children are high-achieving.

Challenges for Gifted Children in School

Gifted children have a unique set of needs. Because of this, most educational facilities and school programs are unsure how to stimulate a child’s gifts.

Since gifted children are highly talented and intelligent, few class courses are available for them. Many end up stunted in their social, physical, emotional, spiritual, or intellectual growth due to a potential lack of stimulation. Your children’s “giftedness” is a natural ability that must be coupled with proper mentorship and guided teaching to become an extraordinary skill.

What Should You Do As The Parent Of A Gifted Child?

First of all, giving your children opportunities to socialize with their peers is crucial. They can do this through extracurricular activities, special interest groups, or online forums. By understanding the unique needs of your gifted children, you are creating an environment that allows them to thrive.

Also, while a traditional school setting can provide some enrichment activities, it is often not enough to meet the needs of gifted students.

Not to worry; that’s what we’re here for.

How We Can Help

Success By Design can help your gifted child thrive in a challenging academic environment. We provide private education and tutoring services that include:

Private Education

  • Curriculum implementation
  • Full curriculum development as well as public, private, and homeschool programs
  • A small student-to-teacher ratio to ensure our students receive adequate and individualized attention

Tutoring Services

  • Sustainable Learning Practices
  • Science
  • English Language Arts (ELA)
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies

Our experienced teachers will work with you and your gifted child to create an individualized learning plan that caters to their unique strengths and interests. We know how to challenge our students so they can excel academically, socially, and emotionally.

If you’re looking for a program that can provide the appropriate enrichment and support for your gifted child, contact us at (985) 373-6590 or through our website. Let us help you give your gifted child the gift of success!