After trying other math programs with little to no progress, we came across Success By Design. It has made a huge difference in my son’s attitude towards math. Before Success By Design he was in danger of failing but now his teacher is amazed by his progress.

This learning center has helped me so much on my ACT and in school. Mrs. Cherry is super sweet and has boosted my confidence when it comes to taking tests. I would highly recommend this because it has highly beneficial for me.

Mrs. Cherry is a great tutor. She’s incredibly kind, patient, and makes sure you understand the information. I’ve only met with her twice so far to prepare for a quiz, and made a 98A on the quiz with her help.

My granddaughter was struggling and loosing her fight to pass first grade. In desperation, I called several tutors, I spoke to three that called me back, one of which was Mrs. Cherry Smith. After speaking to Mrs. Cherry, I decided that Success By Design was where I would take her. Through Cherry’s love of children, years of experience an dedication to her field, she recognized that my granddaughter may need to see an eye doctor, not for a vision test but for a processing exam. I took her, she was tested, and it was revealed that my 7 year old, sweet, intelligent granddaughter was in need of eye therapy. Without the professionalism of the staff at Success By Design, I don’t know where we would be. Thank you.

My child has shown amazing progress at Success By Design. The tutor, Ms. Monica, is enthusiastic and as attentive to me as she is to my son. The owner, Mrs. Cherry, is professional and an invaluable support system accompanying me to meeting at the school and introducing me to people and places. Success By Design has gone above and beyond my expectations.

33 composite (ACT)! So thrilled! Thank you for your help!!

My daughter loves Linda!!!! I have noticed my daughter doing her work in the kitchen with me close by and discuss things with her sister as well. This is great! I can really see her trying and I keep encouraging her, letting her know how happy I am for her trying to get caught up and how much better it will be to start the new nine weeks off on top of stuff. I know it’s been a short time but I can see her getting better.