Teachers: ONLY Do What You Love When You Work With Us!

If you’re an experienced, qualified teacher or tutor, you didn’t get into education so you could wrangle kids in the bus line or keep the peace on lunch duty…

If you want to do what you’ve always dreamed of – making a real difference in the life of a child – we’d love to hear from you.

We have openings for Qualified Teachers AND Tutors for every grade level and subject.

Teaching Experience is preferred, but not required.

Our Teachers Enjoy:

  • Flexible Hours: 18 hours/week to full-time available
  • Opportunities for additional private tutoring
  • Work directly with children using customized curriculum
  • 1:3/1:5 teacher:student ratio
  • Teach in an alternative environment focused on individual needs of students… no classrooms

If you’re ready to give 100% of your focus on what the student needs, instead of everything else required of teachers in the school system, don’t miss your chance to join our team.

Call us: 985-373-6590.