How Sleep and Nutrition Encourages Your Child’s Academic Success

By |2022-04-29T14:35:38+00:00April 29, 2022|Education|

As parents, you want your kids to have every opportunity for success in life. As this month is Mental Health Awareness Month, we’d like to offer some education on two important factors that play critical roles in your child’s mental success: sleep [...]

Spring Forward Past Pandemic Gaps In Your Child’s Education

By |2022-03-25T11:05:00+00:00March 25, 2022|Education|

As some of the most disrupted school years in recent history come to a slow stop, we must address the pandemic’s potential impact on your child’s academic and emotional development. The pandemic affected children of all ages with shifting alternatives for their [...]

5 Steps to Prepare Your Child for the 2022 ACT Test

By |2022-02-25T03:30:13+00:00February 25, 2022|ACT Test|

Why is the ACT important? The ACT is the American College Testing admissions entrance exam which is used to assess college readiness. It helps colleges determine the likelihood of success in college. The ACT helps college admission officers and students see their [...]

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